The summerlunch+ spotlight on: TOMATOES!

In the garden:

  • Tomatoes come in red, yellow, green, brown, deep blue, and even striped.
  • The tomato plant needs “stakes” to lean on as they grow taller and heavier.

On your plate:

  • Tomatoes have vitamin C, which helps you not to get sick!
  • Tomatoes are famous for having lycopene, which may help prevent cancer.
  • Wash and eat tomatoes raw, or lightly stir-fry with olive oil and your favourite vegetables.


Summerlunch+ grew a type of tomato in the garde that was called "Dancing with Smurfs". because it was blue on top and red on the bottom when ready to eat.

Fun fact:

“Vegetable or fruit?”:

Although many people use tomatoes as a vegetable, tomatoes are actually a fruit (this means is comes from the flower of a tomato plant)!

maria pineros