Community Lunch with summerlunch+

On July 14th, we held our first community lunch in the empty Target building in the East York Town Centre. Many campers from Thorncliffe and Valley Park attended with a parent along with their camp counsellors and had a great time.

We spent all week planning and preparing a variety of healthy items to feed the children, their “plus one” and the counsellors. The campers were very excited about what they would be eating for lunch.

We served many nutritious, appetizing items such as whole wheat tortillas stuffed with beets, carrots, cheese, parsnips, and yogurt dressing. We also served vegetable rolls, date balls, hummus with pita, gourmet granola bites, and different fruits and vegetables. It was truly fascinating to see everyone trying and learning new things.

Summerlunch+ is providing reusable water bottles so that kids always have water available to them. We were excited to show kids how they can customize their water to their preference with natural refreshing flavours, such as; mint, lemon, orange, and watermelon. #stayhydrated.

Our team members Lisa and Olivia were of great importance; they worked behind the scenes to make sure food was served at each table and helped in preparing.

We wish to thank the awesome TNO staff and volunteers, who helped the kitchen staff serve foods to the attendees. Thank you Heather, Michelle, and Tara for coming and helping us out. We are grateful for our first donor, Morguard which provided us with the space, helped us serve food, and arranged beautifully designed tables and chairs for free through Cool Set Productions. The President’s Choice Children’s Charity was kind enough to support the food. JK Gourmet gave us granola bars which many had enjoyed. The hummus tasted wonderful, so thank you, chef Anthony Rose.

It was an eventful fun day for all of us, we had an amazing time. We look forward to our next upcoming community lunch!