Working at Summerlunch+ by Mishal

Summerlunch+. Believe me when I say that this organization made my summer. Living a boring, dull life is something no teenager wants and thankfully I was able to escape this fate by working with summerlunch+. I prepared new, exciting recipes everyday for 250 kids in my community and made many friends who I now consider family.

One of my favourite memories from this summer was my birthday. This July I turned 16 but because my birthday happens to fall in the middle of summer, no one was available for my party and I wasn’t looking forward to spending it alone. Knowing this, my coworkers surprised me with a small pre-birthday celebration. Let me tell you a secret, I cried as soon as I arrived home!


My first encounter with Summerlunch+ was in 2016, when I joined a girls camp at Thorncliffe Park. I enjoyed every meal I ate with Summerlunch+. Some of my favourites were quesadillas, veggie wraps, fruit cups, carrot cake, chocolate chip and cranberry cookies, zucchini pancakes, and stir fry noodles. I even tried hummus for the first time and I fell in love. Moreover, that year when I decided to volunteer with Summerlunch+, I was welcomed with great respect, and when it was time for school to start, I left with my completed volunteer hours along with great memories.

This year, returning for my third summer I met an incredible new crew and took on a new role in the organization. I made educational material for our outreach booth in the Thorncliffe Park mall as well as designed pirate themed meals in support of a themed day at TNO Camps in August. I love drawing and painting and often spend my spare time designing art for others. I loved bringing this skill of mine to work this summer!

I am grateful to Summerlunch+, who constantly treats their staff with respect and love and helps them grow as individuals. I’m honored to work with them.

Susan Wright