Summerlunch+: a unique opportunity to give back to my community by Fajr Ijaz

Hi, my name is Fajr and I am one of the many staff working with summerluch+. This is my second year working with summerlunch+ and it's really been a blast. When I first started my job last year, I only did it because it was right in front of my house and I found that convenient. This year, the reason why I chose this job is because I have developed a close relationship with the members of the team and also with the children we provide the food to. Seeing those kids happy when they see delicious food come through the door is why I really like my job. Normally when I try to help people in need I do it with a mask on. For example, when I donate money online or give clothes to charity I sometimes wonder if my money even reaches the people that I wish to help. That makes me sad to know that I tried helping but I may not have made a change or that maybe I could have done something better. I'm sure that many people are also sceptical of where their money ends up and if it even helps the individual they intend to support. When I give food to the kids in the Thorncliffe community I feel like what I'm doing has an impact because I’m able to see with my own eyes what positive outcome my involvement is bringing about and this is what makes summerlunch+ stand out from other non-profit organizations. When I get to experience helping people out first hand , I say to myself, “Fajr, this is your first step to changing the world. One step at a time.” and I feel blessed to be feeding kids in need of help, providing them with all the right nutrients that they need so that one day those same kids can grow healthy and happy. Kids may not always be aware of what is healthy for them. With our summer lunch program they learn about the necessary food groups and values that they should intake in order to eat a balanced healthy daily meal. Since they are still young, they will grasp the idea of healthy eating from an early age by bringing it into practice in their daily routine. They can become the next healthy generation that will inspire others to come. That is what I hope to achieve. So to finish off I just want to say that I'm very happy to be working with such an amazing organization who not only cares for the community but also for the wellbeing of everyone. It's truly been a wonderful time working with you guys and hopefully it continues to be.

Susan Wright