First Week Review from Khadija


The first week of working with summerlunch+ has been a fairly busy one. My fellow colleagues and I have been working hard to plan for our extensive summerlunch+ program here at Thorncliffe Park Public School. Working with Lisa, Susan, and Olivia has been a great new experience by far and extremely helpful in terms of assistance and advice.

On the very first day we worked on planning and organizing our resources to make this wonderful program come to life. Then on the following day we worked on this very cool project that was a new experience for me, the fermentation of turnips and we also tasted ready-made samples that the instructor, Hema, was kind enough to provide us with. I really enjoyed this workshop and gained a lot of knowledge from it.

On the following afternoon we had a visit from Toronto Public Health’s inspection unit that was very informative regarding food safety. We also participated in fun and descriptive activities regarding healthy foods. We learned that labels don’t always tell the truth and that we should be very careful on what we purchase and consume.

On Thursday the 7th in the afternoon we had our most exciting event that will be a cherished and memorable experience. We made a visit down to Fat Pasha located at Dupont near Spadina. The owner, Chef Anthony Rose, was very accommodating and kind and he taught us how to make his famous hummus. Following the workshop Anthony talked about his highly successful career as a chef and how he started working as a small business and slowly expanded and became one of the most renown chefs in Toronto. My colleagues and I hope to implement his advice while working on the summerlunch+ program serving 250 kids daily and we hope to gradually expand to other schools throughout Canada in the coming years.

According to what my colleagues and I have been working on so far, we see that this amazing program should be offered to the young children and youths in Canada. Our hope at summerlunch+ is that we expand our program to feed future generations and teach them nutritional literacy and the value of eating healthy.  

~ Khadija

Susan Wright