Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots

Adapted From: Food Share’s Roots and Shoots Unit and Food Literacy Centre’s Sunflower Power
Age: K- grade 3
Key Learning: Learn about different parts of the plant and how they function, focusing on edible parts of a plant
Equipment: Real food examples of different foods that are plant parts or printed out photo examples of the parts of a plant
Type: Lunchtime education

Discussion Questions

1. Who knows the different parts of the plant? What are their functions? What are examples of foods we eat that are parts of the plant?

  • Roots: anchor plants, help them take in water and nutrients from soil, ex: potato, carrot, radish
  • Shoots/Stems: help transport water and nutrients from roots to leaves and fruits, ex: celery, asparagus
  • Flower: broccoli, cauliflower
  • Fruits: hold the seeds and spread them out as they get eaten by animals, ex: tomato, cucumber, pepper
  • Leaves: catch sun rays which are used as the plant’s energy source, ex: spinach, lettuce, kale
  • Seeds: allow another plant to grow, ex: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peas, corn

2. What are we eating here today that is a plant part?

  • Have students identify which of the foods being served belong to any of these categories