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Every day, over one million Canadian students eat a healthy meal at school—until summer vacation begins. When school’s out, these kids miss out. summerlunch+ wants to change that. With your help, we can do it!

summerlunch+ Programs and Partners 

• The Alexandra Park Community Centre
• Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Community Centre
• Ryerson School of Nutrition
• John Innes Community Recreation Centre
• Kiwanis Boys and Girls 


Why summerlunch+ Matters

Imagine  playing, running, swimming and being outside all day on an empty tummy? Nutritious food is essential for growing kids.

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How to Get Involved

summerlunch+ is a new initiative and we need your support.
Help us and help children to thrive!

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Who are We?

It takes a community and fortunately we’ve got some great folks helping us to deliver summerlunch+.

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We partner in communities
where we’ll have measurable impact



We hire local high-school students and teach them about food handling and nutrition



We provide
hundreds of healthy
lunches daily



Kids and families learn food knowledge & integrate into the menu at home. 



We create change measured through performance at school, physical and mental well-being, and food literacy.